Shewy Multivitamin
Shewy Multivitamin
Shewy Multivitamin
Shewy Multivitamin

Shewy Multivitamin

Shewy Multivitamin With a sweet strawberry flavour, vitamin B5, B6, B9, B12, B8, vitamin D and A this tasty gum has your back. It won't be hard to convince your kids to take their vitamins the next time... Vitamin D is an essential vitamin especially important in the northern hemisphere where the sun doesn't always shine.

Immune support

Bone health

Vision support

Shewy is a food supplement. Chewing gum enriched with vitamins and minerals. Shewy provides you with small doses of nutrients throughout the day. Shewy is not intended to replace a healthy and varied diet.


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
The taste is amazing!

Love the taste of this Multivitamin gum!


Rasade sönder i munen

Hej vad tråkigt att höra. Våra har en lite annorlunda konsistens än ett vanligt tuggummi, då det har aktiva ingredienser. Däremot skall det inte rasa sönder. Det kan bero på vilket ph man har i munnen eller vad man ätit precis innan. Är det samma med alla? Jag hör av mig till dig på mail så vi kan lösa detta!


Verkar good.

Kul! Tack för din återkoppling!

Healthy but kinda weird taste

I know I got the strawberry flavor, but it was a little too strong of a flavor for my liking, still like that it has vitamins in it tho, so pretty cool nonetheless


Loved the packagin!
But sad to say it , the taste lasts for around 30 seconds , then you can chew on it for about 1min after that it’s get super dry and therefore have to spit it out.
A bit disapointed, bought the whole box with all tastes.
But it might get better.

I’ll do a second review after all is chewed( 64 pieces)

Hi Nils,
Thanks for the feedback! We really appreciate it! It should last for more than 30 seconds for sure. It is however a shorter taste than in a regular gum. As we, on top of flavour, add active ingredients in a small gum, we cannot fit as much flavour in. All active ingredients are released and absorbed in your mouth within 5-7 minutes. My experience is that the taste last for around 10 minutes even if not as intense as in the beginning. I hope you find the rest better and can enjoy your refreshment with benefits!