This functional gum loaded with retinol, zinc, collagen, biotin, iodine and curcumin will help boost your glow. With a refreshingly sweet peppery lemon taste, this is a new tasty necessity in your beauty routine.

shewy beauty

Shewy Beauty

skin protect skin defence energy

Carefully selected ingredients to boost glow, healthy skin, hair and nails.

Retinol, zinc, biotin, iodine and vitamin c all contribute to healthy skin. Turmeric is anti-inflammatory and several studies show positive effect on skin health. To promote uptake, we added a pinch of black pepper which is part of the unique flavor Peppery Lemon. Iron is a very common deficiency among women which cause tiredness and fatigue. As we believe, a fatigue feeling, does not make us feel very beautiful, we added iron, but also vitamin c to increase absorption of iron.

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Shewy Beauty ​provides me with small doses of vitamins throughout the day and fit perfectly into my daily routines. “

Kelly started modelling at a young age. Fairly early she was offered investment possibilities, but she has always been very careful with the investment space. It had to feel right and fit, not only financially, but also with her lifestyle and values. Shewy did just that. Shewy Beauty is a result of this partnership and a new essential part of Kelly’s daily beauty routine.